Mentorship Is Limited To 10 Clients At A Time... Apply To See If Any Open Spots

Attn Magical Coaches:

Do you want to scale to 6 figures and beyond? Sign on soulmate clients? Have more passive income? BUT you have no idea how to actually do that?

 Apply for Manifesting Freedom Academy where I'll show you how to scale your online business, create your movement, and live a life with more time freedom.

Manifesting Freedom Academy

  • ​Scale your online business > so you can change lives from your laptop
  • ​​Create magnetic content > so you can attract soulmate clients
  • Unlock sold out launches > so you can stop worrying about how you're going to get clients

Very Limited Openings - Apply Here Now

Are you tired of struggling to get clients, you're constantly confused by strategy, you want to master your own voice and brand, and have sold out programs?

Let me're

  • Watching other people grow their businesses while having fun?
  • Confused on how to share your message on the internet?
  • Wondering what the magic piece is that you're missing to scale your online business?
  • Stressed about the content you post and you don't even know if it's bringing you clients?
  • Feel weird charging $5K - $10K or maybe even less than that!
  • Feeling so overwhelmed that you're not even sure how to grow a business?

It's ok! There's so much confusing information on the internet and it can be confusing & overwhelming!

listen to what our students are saying...

Do you see their results? 
(So many freedom seekers are taking the WRONG action to manifest freedom.

...You need to talk with a real expert that can "prescribe" you what you need to do in order to manifest freedom

...You need a product suite that ranges from passive programs, gives you reoccurring income, and high level clients so you can truly scale your business.  

...You need to master your magic & message so you can clearly communicate who you are and become magnetic to your audience 

...You need weekly accountability to keep you on track, motivate you, course correct, and avoid the top mistakes that most people make when growing their online business.

Manifesting Freedom Academy

This mentorship isn't like anything you've ever experienced. In this mentorship you'll get expert advice that is relevant to your exact life. It's like your personal game plan for freedom. 

2 Group Coaching Calls per week for 3 months > you'll meet with Bridget & her CoCoach Kelsey so you can avoid the top mistakes that most people make & connect with real experts who will teach you how to manifest freedom.
Lifetime access to an A-Z members area with trainings on how to build a 6 figure business from the ground up. This includes DM scripts, launch calendars, and content templates. 
Get Feedback & Support in your Private Facebook Group > get high level feedback on your content, marketing plans, and sales conversations so you quickly refine and implement.
Clients that sign up for MFA will receive a FREE invitation to Voxer Group Coaching > so you can continue to hit your income goals outside of our group calls. This has proven to be the most profitable feature in this program

listen to what our clients are saying...

Mo - From Zero to $8K
"We created my business and it came to life! I'm working for myself full time and because of her, i'm living my dream life
Lexi - My life has changed  
"What differentiates Bridget is that you're actually getting results. She knows her shit. She's an expert"
Ashley - Scaling her Biz 
“I’ve worked less & made more money” 

Meet Your Mentor


You're here so it means that you're tired of your job, you're ready to finally say cya boss, take your laptop on the road, work by the beach, and change lives from your computer.
After Bridge was absolutely sick of the 9-5 life draining work, making less than $3,500/month, exhausted from 5 side hustles, being apart of the rat race, drowning in debt, and binge drinking...she realized she couldn't do it anymore... 

After years of failures and challenges, she finally had a break through AKA woke tf up & created a system that allows for driven, spiritual, and excited women like us to manifest freedom ✨

What happened when she created this proven system?
  • She left her 9-5 job!
  • Started an online business that changes lives
  • Got a dream home in NYC & Start traveling the world
  • Grew business to $200,000 in under 14 months 
  • She works from any tropical destination she wants
After starting her mentorship program, she enrolled women from all over the world and have successfully helped them manifest their dream lives. 

Now we're opening up Manifesting Freedom Academy for you. So you can truly scale to multi 6 figures and build a movement.

Apply for the mentorship on the next page. We're looking for women that are ready to ignite their life and take it to the next level...this year. 

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Hello Manifesting Freedom Academy!

The 3 Month Mentorship designed to help you scale your revenue by doing it YOUR way

Here's some of what we'll be doing 

Part 1 

  • Help you build an irresistible product suite that includes passive income, reoccurring income, and high ticket client packages so your clients understand how you can help them & say YES to your program
  • Teach you how to master your messaging & magic on and off social media. So you can confidently communicate your offers and become an industry leader aka you're famous queen

Part 2 

  • Grow your audience using magnetic content so that you have people constantly wanting to buy your offers
  • ​Discover how to sell "evergreen"...this means no more launching monthly to make more sales...this is how you accept cash money all of the time 

Part 3

  • Learn how to create a movement that is bigger than a coaching business. You're creating a brand that is sustainable and provides more fulfillment than just running a little business.
  • Sign on PREMIUM clients, I mean clients that are paying you $10,000 to $20,000 to work with you 

Perfect for if you:

- Want to scale your business through 1:many programs, passive courses, and reoccurring income

-  Want to create a movement rather than a coaching business

NOT for if you:

- Want to stay where you are, keep praying that the clients will come in, and not really moving out of your comfort zone.

"Bridge, what if this doesn't work for me?"

You have two options: 

Option #1 Stay where you are, hope you can do it on your own, and pray the clients come in 5-10 years from now.

Option #2 Implement everything I teach you on how my clients and I get high paying clients into our business. You come prepared each week with your action steps completed, you put yourself out into the market, you confidently attract your raving fans, and earn money in your business so you can pay off bills, afford to go on vacation, buy new clothes, and stop worrying about your overdraft fees. 

Option #2 Sounds much more glamorous to me. I know that investing in yourself can be scary but you know what's scarier...looking back on your life and thinking WOW I wish I would've just gone after my dreams instead of wasting all of that time "hoping" it would just happen

Results others are getting

Lets manifest this...

  • You wake up in your favorite destination, have coffee outside, write your daily manifestations and watch them happen
  • You open social media to find a new lead messaging you saying "hey I've been following you for a while and want to hear about your program"
  • You sign on a $3,500 client & make more money in one day than at your normal 9-5 job.
  • On Mondays you spend for the morning at your local coffee shop coming up with new content for your social media
  • On Tuesdays you coach your clients from local beach cafe 
  • The rest of the week you design however you want!
  • You create systems in your business so you can change lives, consistently earn cash, and have fun while doing it
  • You've now found freedom and don't work for anyone anymore (cya boss!)
  • You spend the evenings paddle boarding in the Caribbean with a drone flying over you capturing the moment 
  • You discover that there is a new way to live life and the one you've been living no longer exists 

Results others are getting


How do I know if I'm ready?
I'm going to be honest, if you're still wondering whether or not you can put yourself out there on social media and share your offer...then you're never going to be ready. If you're thinking ok, I have an idea, I want to help people, I want to share my message, I just don't know how...then this is for you. 

Also, the pricing for this program goes up every single time I open it for enrollment. As I grow, you grow.
When does Manifesting Freedom Academy Start?
It starts early June. There are limited spots available per round, as I want to make sure my clients are getting the attention they need. 
Will Manifesting Freedom Academy work for me? 
I've had clients with absolutely NO business structure, join my program, and sign on high ticket clients within one week of working together. It's up to YOU. If you follow everything I teach you, you put in the work, you don't give will be successful.
I work a Full Time Job - Will I have time for this?
Let me be really real with you. I've built businesses along side full time jobs and was it hard? Yes. What is possible? Yes. Did it allow me to leave my 9-5? Yes. Your dream life will require you to make sacrifices so you can enjoy freedom. The easy news is that both my clients & I have built businesses while working full time jobs and being mommas! (not me lol) So if we can do it, you can too.

Results others are getting

listen to what our clients are saying...

Danielle - Passion & $$$
"We made the easy & simple steps that I can put in place every single day that I now have created dance pieces, developed a workshop, and have more financial freedom!"
Shannon - life 180
"I am happier, more confident, and got a job I absolutely love!"
Pamela - Big idea came to life 
“i’ve been able to onboard 7 coaches to my team
"I have launched my business, I'm attracting clients, and hired an accountant"
Bridget helped me with my social media strategy and feel more confident on social media, my followers are finally engaging with my work!"

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